Team Mojang is pushing their latest big update out to Minecraft users today. 1.7 is live right now.

The update, small in comparison to what's planned for 1.8 and its adventure features, contains the much sought after piston mod. Once updated, the mod won't really be a mod anymore, it will be a physical part of the game. Users familiar with the mod have already demonstrated that the applications for pistons are immense.

Traps, deployables, transportation and convenience all make an appearance with this new, game-changing addition. The trailer above also shows off some of the more minor, though no less awesome for most fans, additions. Torches can now be placed on fence posts, fence posts can be stacked, TNT is now triggered by a switch, cobble and brick have been graphically touched up and shears have been added. Shears will let players trim tree leaves in order to earn leaf blocks.

I'm assuming now that the only people out there that find any of that stuff even remotely excited are likely Minecraft fans. Yes, we're a weird breed. We get wildly amped up for in-game shears and cobblestone graphics. The game's wild success speaks for itself. If you're not excited about shears and torch placement then you've likely not played Minecraft.

And if that's the case … what are you waiting for?