Minecraft 1.6 is officially due out this week. For those that don't know, Minecraft is still in beta. Fans like myself tend to get excited every time a new version is released because the Mojang team always includes something new and special. This time around, players will catch a glimpse of the new map utility and grass that, wait for it, grows.

Is this paradise?

If that weren't enough, it seems the Mojang team are standing up to challenge another major trailer release that dropped this week. The set-pieces, excitement and popping text in this Minecraft 1.6 trailer rivals the work down by the folks at Activision for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Clearly.

Maps will likely help players that often venture away from their cabins, castles and shanties in search of great minerals or rosey red flowers. As anyone that plays Minecraft already knows, adventuring is all fine and good until you've worked yourself well away from your spawn without any conception of location while the sun slowly dips below the horizon. The zombies, spiders and arrow-shooting skeletons riding said spiders can make your evenings a nightmare.

We're clearly waiting for someone to draw something profane with blocks of land and then hand their buddies a map and tell them to scour a surface. Then, as they're walking, a cleverly and explicitly worded insult will be revealed on the paper in their hands. It sounds wondrous, doesn't it?

Aside from maps, grass and hatches (yes, hatches), the Mojang team has offered that they will get the portals to the Nether working on the multiplayer side of the title. Now you'll be able to venture into the pits of all that is horrifying, including the crying zombie pig men, with friends. What more could you want from a date night?

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