Minecraft 1.2.5. tweet

It appears the folks over at Mojang are preparing to unleash yet another incremental update for their popular game, Minecraft.

Despite Minecraft 1.2.4 rolling out last week, it seems that there are still some bugs to be squashed in the system.  Jens Bergensten – AKA Jeb – of Mojang tweeted today that Minecraft 1.2.5 work is underway and a pre-release is going out so some of the plugin makers can prepare for it.  It appears that the full release won’t be out for the general public until some next week, however.

This is a bit surprising as after the 1.2.4 release the company said that it felt that would be the last release until 1.3.  There’s no word yet on what this update will bring, but small updates like this are usually for bug fixes.  The 1.2.4 update however surprised us as it included two new sandstone blocks, so anything is possible at this point.

We’ll bring you more news as we get it.

[via Twitter]

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