It’s already July, which means we’re back with another list of all of the new Milk VR content that Samsung launched for the Gear VR in June. If you missed our May edition, you can find that here.

We’ve had a chance to check out some of this content and are still exploring some more, but figured we’d share the full list with all of the Gear VR owners out there who are looking for some new content to toy around with. We’re certainly planning to spend some of the long weekend in virtual reality.

There’s a lot to dig through, so let’s get started.

Omega Agent

Milk VR is now home to its very first game trailer, which centers around a title for a virtual reality game dubbed Omega Agent that’s already available for purchase. This virtual reality trailer shows you the type of experience you’ll get in the game which — spoiler alert: we’ve played and it’s awesome. Head to Milk VR to check it out first and then be sure to download the game, which puts you in control of a jetpack to fly around Omega Island.

The Nepal Quake Project


Milk VR is now also home to the first film that covers a natural disaster in virtual reality, putting viewers on the ground following the destruction of the Nepal earthquake. The goal here is to show how virtual reality can be used to show users the possibilities of experiencing the news in virtual reality, which is something that’s never been done before.

“The Dive”— Great White Sharks!


Jumping into the ocean in a shark cage might be an exhilarating real-life experience — I’ve gone swimming with sharks myself — but I’m not so sure I’d ever want to get so close to a great white. In a new Milk VR experience titled “The Dive,” you’ll have the change to swim right up to a great white shark without ever being in real danger.

Sci Tech by GE

Engineers are going to love this one. GE recently started publishing its own content to Samsung Milk VR and the first clips include a behind-the-scenes look at GE’s Evolution Series Tier 4 Locomotive and the 9HA Gas Turbine. GE creator Sally Le Page will walk you through the new locomotive and the new gas engine, all as if you’re really hanging out in GE’s research and development labs.

Watch Salt-N-Pepa Lip Sync


Spike TV is continuing to release new Lip Sync Battle content, and there were four new episodes added in June that you can now check out. You’ll get a front row seat to performances of “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera, “Talk Dirty” by Jason DeRule, “It’s Tricky” by Salt-N-Pepa and “I Will Survive,” also lip-synced by Salt-N-Pepa. It’s Tricky is probably one of my favorite Salt-N-Pepa hits — I loved that song in the movie Grandma’s Boy, so that’s one clip I’m looking forward to checking out.

Explore New Orleans

“Fashionably Bound” is a series meant to take you on a virtual vacation with famous people. Five new episodes were published in June and all take place in New Orleans. You’ll explore the “Big Easy” checking out famous spots such as Cafe du Monde (I’ve been there in real life, it’s fun!). You’ll also go vintage shopping, take a tour on a vintage Streetcar and listen to one of New Orleans’ famous brass bands. Great, now I’m craving pralines.

Hit the Powpow with Mountain Dew

Dew VR Snow has fresh pow-pow content in June. You’ll go behind the scenes of the filming process while at the same time exploring the Utah backcountry and hanging out with Scotty Lago, Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis, three Olympic snowboarders. And what is pow-pow without a drop-in from a chopper? Yep, you’ll do that too. Hope you have your ski goggles!


Samsung is continuing to publish new Milk VR content from its Milk Music Lounge during the SXSW show earlier this year. This month a new episode was added that features Hop Chip performing Harache Lights. You’ll feel like you’re sitting right there in Austin, hundreds or maybe even thousands away from home, watching the band perform in front of you. Add a bit of BBQ sauce to your upper lip to make it all the more genuine.

Pauly D in VR

Oh boy, as a frequent visitor to the Jersey Shore each summer, I can’t say I’m that excited about this one, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. My 360 has added three new episodes that follow DJ Pauly D. Yes, that Pauly D from the TV show Jersey Shore. All three episodes focus on his Las Vegas mansion. Can’t say I’ve ever had a desire to go in there but, deep down, there’s some weird part of me what wants to see how tacky it is. Boot it up if you have that same dark desire.

More Live Music


More music! Four new episodes were published by Boiler Room in June, with the focus on live performances by Panda Bear and Kano & Ghetts. Panda Bear plays a live performance of its songs “Schehezerade” and “Surfers Hymn” from the MoMa. Meanwhile, Kano & Ghetts will give you a performance from the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. Hey, better than paying for concert, right?