Miitomo, Nintendo’s Mii-centric social app, has passed 10 million users, the company announced yesterday.

Miitomo arrived in mid-March, letting users dress up their Miis in everything from hipster gear to cosplay to baked goods and answer all sorts of personal questions. Since its inception, Nintendo says 20 million Miifotos, images that allow you to superimpose your Mii over various backdrops, have been saved.

There’s all sorts of other metrics Nintendo could post that they haven’t made available – how many pieces of clothing have been purchased, how many of the mini-games have been played, and other items that might paint a clearer picture of what kind of use the app has been seeing.

I personally used the app quite a bit for the first few days. The notification sound was so frightening, though, that I ended up disabling notifications before promptly forgetting about the app. The lack of metrics beyond the Miifotos suggests to me that other users are ending up in the same spot, using it quite a bit before falling off after just a few days. Hopefully the next update will provide more information that proves that assumption wrong. It’s a fun app, and an interesting first dive into the mobile space for the company. They have more stuff on the way, but it’d be a shame to see this one fall off.