Oh, WayForward. You really know how to bring a smile to my face. The "modern day retro" company is bringing Mighty Switch Force! to iOS in full block-puzzle game fashion. Normally, this would be a turn off to fans of its 2D platforming games, but WayForward expertly cracks the ice on its new game with a funky launch trailer.

"Got to hose it down." I'm going to be singing that all day.

As a game though, Mighty Switch Force: Hose It Down looks like a fun twist on the block puzzle genre. Patricia Wagon sports the fire equipment gear from Mighty Switch Force! 2 and again has to put out the fires of a burning building. The only problem is that she can't get inside, so players will be forced to manipulate the pipes so water can reach the flames and clear a path for the cute convict ladies to escape.

To give it an extra sense of authenticity, WayForward also makes clever use of Mighty Switch Force! 2's sprites, the defining element of many of its games. Launching today for iOS at just $1.99, it looks like a fun little time waster, but nothing I would go out of my way for. I still need to beat Mighty Switch Force! 2 now that I think about it.

I definitely want an MP3 of that song though. "Got to hose it down!"