Because one round of locking up scantily-clad fugitives wasn't enough, WayForward Technologies is ready to give you more. Mighty Switch Force 2 has been confirmed by game director Austin Ivansmith, and is set to be released in the near future.

The series returns to protagonist Patricia Wagon, but she'll be taking a much needed vacation from her duties of rounding up the cutest convicts in space. While the story might open a few new setting options, I doubt we'll be changing up the formula from the original that much. The series is tailor-made to take place on an inter-galactic beach resort.

Besides what is most likely another spectacular 2D platforming outing with WayForward, not much else is known about Mighty Switch Force 2. During an interview on Destructoid's talk show Sup, Holmes?, Ivansmith announced it is being released for the Nintendo 3DS sometime during the first half of 2013. Additionally, the game's composer is returning to write the music.

Nobody does a better job than WayForward when it comes to channeling the glory days of Japanese platformers on the Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis. Mighty Switch Force 2 will be the first sequel in the series, and hopefully it will be just another title in the long list of great games from a developer dedicated to keeping alive the spirit of my gaming that defined my childhood.