Man, Mighty No. 9 makes Iron Man 3's credit's look like a shopping list for a frozen dinner. If you thought the wall of graphic artists was bad, then check out the nearly four hours of credits tagged onto the end of Mighty No. 9.

Why are the credits so long? Well, one of the promises of the Kickstarter campaign was to allow your name to appear in the credits if you bought in at the $5 tier. 67,226 people did so, and the results are a staggering 3 hours and 48 minutes of credits. Name after name after name after name. It's like one of those "10 hours of…" joke videos.

Maybe the game took so long to come out because Comcept had to simply write the credits!

I'm Mighty No. 34638 in the credits, and I'm referred to as… a Generous Backer. I don't remember a survey that asked for proper names, but I don't believe I'm alone in ignoring Kickstarter emails after my donation has been accepted.