Could Mighty No. 9 be the next successful Kickstarter release? The Mega Man spiritual successor pulled in one of the biggest hauls of cash through the crowd-funding website way back the previous October, and so far, it appears to be the only one I've donated to that is on schedule for its pre-ordained release. Creator Keiji Inafune promised the game would only spend one year in development and be released by the spring of 2015.

And in his New Year's address to fans and backers, he boldly states the game is "pretty much finished." All that is left for him and his team to do now is begin porting the game to other platforms and get the word out.

Along with the interview, he also released a new trailer which has the graphics and gameplay of what the finalized product will be. I've mentioned before that the game was a little underwhelming visually with each demo I've played, but I was hoping the graphics were just placeholders for a final product. In the end though, not much has changed, and I'm not sure if I enjoy the art direction or the final result.

Maybe it looks better on an HD screen, or maybe it would benefit with more time in development. That's what you get when you promise to develop only for a year, I guess.

At any rate, Mighty No. 9 is still pretty fun to play, and I hope it does a decent job of living up to the Mega Man legacy. It will be released for pretty much every platform under the sun with an aimed release around April.