I suppose the nearly $4 million that Mighty No. 9 director Keiji Inafune pulled in through Kickstarter wasn't enough to make his whole vision complete. He and his company Comcept have taken to asking for more money though a new crowd-funding campaign directly through PayPal.

Not to worry to those who already have backed the game. In a video and FAQ aimed at addressing concerns, Inafune promises that everything advertised in the Kickstarter campaign is still on the right course to materialize in the final game. This new campaign is in place to tack on even more content not available the first time around.

New goals will be announced as development continues and money rolls in, and the first of these is full English voice acting for the price of $100,000.

Unlike Kickstarter, there is no time limit and set price it must hit for this extra campaign, so all money will go directly into the bonus content only. Nothing will be put into the game as was advertised during the first Kickstarter run. However, the only reward for those who donate now if the game itself, a few digital rewards, and a Steam beta. You can purchase these options at a $23, $50, and $80 tier.

In addition to the new campaign, Inafune announced at Anime Expo this weekend that Comcept was in collaboration with Digital Frontier to create an animated series for Mighty No. 9. Of course, none of the money from the Kickstarter went into this series either, meaning Digital Frontier is making it with its own money, that was enough to convince Inafune to jump aboard.

All we have now is a funny teaser trailer for the series, so I'll leave it right here for you.

Looks entertaining enough. Anyone else aboard the Mighty No. 9 hype train? It will be released for pretty much every platform under the sun, so chances are you'll be able to play it once it launches next year.