Miegakure looks positively insane. This title, being developed for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms as well as consoles, is being dubbed a 4D Puzzle Platformer.

Thanks to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, the title is getting a lot of press right now. The post leads with the trailer you see above, and it includes the little explanation clip you see below.

Miegakure looks mind-bendingly awesome, doesn't it? Here's how Marc ten Bosch, the developer and President of mtb design works, Inc., describes a bit of the play on the blog itself.

For a while games used to be 2D, taking place solely along two directions. For example, a game character could only move forwards and backwards, or jump up and down. Then came computers powerful enough to render 3D graphics, which allowed for full 3D movement: up / down, backwards / forwards and left / right. (Of course, the graphics we see, while they are computed in 3D, are displayed on a 2D screen. They are projected down from 3D to 2D, in a way that mimics how our eyes perceive the third dimension.)

But it doesn't stop there. If in a 2D game every object's position is represented in the computer using two numbers, and if in a 3D game every object's position is represented using three numbers, what if each position was represented using four numbers? In other words, what if there was another direction you could move along in addition to the first three? Trying to answer this question is what that led us to develop this game.

Miegakure does not have an exact release date or concise list of targeted platforms yet. It's coming, we assume, next year. Given that this post was written on the PlayStation Blog, you should at least count the PlayStation 4 in on the aforementioned PC, Mac and Linux list.