Rockstar’s ultra-slick racing series Midnight Club has been out of commission for the last decade. It was a staple of the racing genre back in the PlayStation 2 days, and Midnight Club II garnered lots of praise for pushing online console gaming back when it was just a fledgling idea.

However, since the release of Midnight Club: Los Angeles on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the racing series has taken a back seat to Rockstar’s bigger properties like Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, and of course, Grand Theft Auto.

Like everything else from your childhood though, it too is getting ready for an apparent reboot. Two screenshots were scrounged up on the Xbox Live servers overnight, hinting that the game is already pretty deep into development. A third image, a “My Xbox Live Games” icon, was also overturned by eagle-eyed fans.

Rockstar doesn’t need this, but we certainly want it

A bundle of screenshots doesn’t prove anything just yet, but they look authentic. Again, the nostalgia must flow and every franchise must get a reboot at some point, even Midnight Club.

I remember when Midnight Club II first came out, and Rockstar was desperately trying to establish itself as a gaming company that didn’t rely totally on shock value for sales. Games like State of Emergency and Max Payne didn’t allow that to happen, but Midnight Club II stepped in to help change the image of the company. So many were shocked when you couldn’t run over pedestrians in this game.

It’s a Rockstar game, where’s the MURDER?!

Rockstar obviously doesn’t need an image change at this point. We’ll gladly take this as a blast from the past, even if the racing genre is a little crowded these days.