Another day, another trailer for Hyrule Warriors. Folks like to levy complaints about Nintendo's inability to market its games, but it has been a force when it comes to this Warriors take on the Zelda franchise.

Today's clip features Midna, originally from The Twilight Princess.

For me so far, Midna looks like one of the most interesting and dynamic playable characters in Hyrule Warriors. Her inclusion of wolves, giant area of effect hands and the ability to transform into a giant monster all look capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage while battling hordes of enemies.

What's been most surprising about Hyrule Warriors in my book is the constant appearance of female characters. The game releases on Sept. 26 in North America, and the only male character we've seen in the constant deluge of trailers is Link. Beyond him, it's been a parade of tough women from the Zelda universe.

That's pretty awesome.

Hyrule Warriors is a Wii U exclusive, and its earned a spot as one of our most anticipated titles for the year. We'll see how it plays out when it drops this coming September.

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