Monolith Productions is already messing with the Tolkien lore far too much in Middle-earth: Shadow of War to ever please the purists out there. Somewhere between forging a new ring of power, introducing new balrogs, and writing the most charming orc of all time, the developer hit a point where its game tips from Lord of the Rings high fantasy into just plain video gamey nonsense.

I’m totally cool with that since this is just goofy fanfiction after all, but I know some out there are going to revile this without ever giving it a chance. This latest straw will just about seal any and all hope for it being accepted.

We all know Shelob as the giant spider who lives on the mountain pass to Cirith Ungol. Gollum tricks Frodo and Sam into traversing her cave in a last ditch effort to indirectly kill them off and take The One Ring for himself. However, an unusual amount of bravery from Sam saves himself and his master from being eating alive. Frodo is only kidnapped in the process.

GG, Sam Gamgee!

However, Monolith Productions re-envisions this iconic monster as a sexy humanoid witch with the power to actually turn into a spider. Yup, Shelob is no longer a dark holdover from the ancient, chaotic, and wild days of Middle-earth. She’s now a siren of the mountain she lures her prey in with her voice and her feminine mystique.

Like I said, pure video game cornball cheese. Hardcore fans are naturally not pleased, and I would suggest not hunting down their rants. The whole situation is a bit chilling.

If you’re a fan of Tolkien lore, it’s best to approach this video game series with an even more open mind than when you approached the Peter Jackson films. Better yet, approach them like you’re playing just a generic fantasy series and detach yourself from the baggage of canon. Trust me, they are really good video games and too much fun to ignore for the sake of purism.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Oct. 10.

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