Ringbearers aren’t the only beings who surrender their will to the lure and promise of power. Video game publishers too have accrued great wealth through online marketplaces in games that players already paid top dollar for. Unlike DLC and season passes before them though, publishers have acquiesced the scheme of microtransactions and begun removing them from their premium titles.

One such game to benefit from this rollback is Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The sequel to the surprise-hit Shadow of Mordor reads like a middle school fan-fiction with a massive budget but plays like a dream while recreating a war torn Middle-earth before your very eyes. However, fans have made their wrath about its invasive microtransactions known since day one, and today is the day that the online realm has been freed from their treacherous grasp.

Following up on a promise made in April, Warner Bros. Interactive and Monolith Productions have closed down the online marketplace, freeing up the end-game content and abrasive army of orcs to be enjoyed without distractions.

New updates for a less peaceful world

In addition, the latest update also renamed the end-game content from “Shadow Wars” to “Epilogue.” The game now rewards player with new powers to control the undead with the Masks of the Nazgûl and adds an endless mode after the credits roll. New additions to the Nemesis system also creates new training options and adds gifts from followers.

The patch has rolled out for all three versions of the game: the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.