Middle-earth: Shadow of War is one leaky faucet. We knew about it a full year and a half before the reveal, and we knew about it just before the official reveal, as well. Now, a day early, we have in-engine gameplay footage that shows off a few elements of the game, including our hero Tallon riding on the back of a dragon.

The footage comes from a retailer who, oops, forgot to delete it after the original leak. Reddit naturally saved the trailer and some screenshots, and they are now making the rounds.

And as for the trailer, it’s only two or three seconds of footage, but it sure is sweet. The official reveal is scheduled to be tomorrow.

The one sequel to rule them all

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was a dark horse critical hit, one that only a few saw coming. Now, Monolith has the gargantuan task of following up on that.

Making a sequel to a game that was always destined to be huge seems like an easier task because the built-in fanbase already knows what to expect. Making a sequel to a cult hit means you have to live up to the expectations of the first game, and you also have to deliver on that same element of surprise that rocketed your game to the forefront.

Here’s to hoping that Monolith cap tap into the same spark of creativity and deliver something both fresh and familiar.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Aug. 22.