Microsoft is preparing for a clean slate with Windows 10, bringing some big new features while re-adding others. As part of this clean slate, the Redmond company announced it’s shaking up its entertainment wing: say goodbye to Xbox Music, and hello to Groove.

While there won’t be many changes in functionality, Microsoft’s emphasis here is on nomenclature.

“Groove describes what people feel and do with music,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

It’s a clean and emphatic break from plain old Xbox Music, which was more of a generic placeholder name for a pretty decent service. Groove implies movement, dancing, exactly as Microsoft’s quote describes.

What’s tough about the change, however, is that you don’t necessarily associate Groove with Microsoft. So even though Xbox Music wasn’t the most thrilling name, rebranding the service might lead to confusion, and especially now when everyone under the sun is offering music streaming.

The timing, too, is a little odd, given that Apple Music just launched. Either way, Microsoft says Groove will offer a better listening experience in Windows 10, along with the ability to access the service through Windows devices, Android and iOS (coming soon).

Additionally, Microsoft is rebranding Xbox Video to Movies & TV. Other than the name, the service remains unchanged, though Microsoft says it’ll be “better than ever” in Windows 10. Microsoft’s new OS is set to launch on July 29.