Microsoft has turned fan feedback into a core element of its strategy with Xbox One. The original system launched with a variety of heavily criticized features and many of those features have, one by one, been addressed through monthly updates. Part of the update process has been widespread promotion of the Xbox One preview program and beta versions of the supporting software. Xbox One Smartglass has had a beta version on Android for some time, and now the Windows 10 Xbox app is getting the same thing.

If you hit the Windows 10 store right now, you can download the Xbox beta app and get the latest features for the app before they hit primetime. The app installs alongside the Xbox app instead of in place of it, so if it doesn't work you can just hop back to the other one.

The newest update to the app includes a live view of your Xbox Live friends list, the ability to easily compare gamerscore with friends, and even the ability to type text into your Xbox using the app.

The killer functionality, of course, is still streaming gameplay from your Xbox One to your PC, but as the Xbox One gets more features and moves to a Windows 10 operating system, we can likely expect the synergy between the two to increase.

The app is available now on the Windows 10 store and is separate from the Xbox One preview program.

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