Microsoft-Secret-Surface-Event-Steve-BallmerMicrosoft is getting serious about taking a more measured approach to its fresh new Windows software. Reiterating what was reported back in August, The Verge on Wednesday said the Redmond company is looking to introduce smaller, more focused updates to both Windows and Windows Phone going forward. That's a marked difference from unleashing titanic upgrades every few years or so, and in line with what we've suggested.

Dubbed Windows Blue, the idea behind Microsoft's new method is to introduce free (or cheap) incremental updates with smaller UI tweaks and changes. This will allow current users to get better accustomed to upgrades more quickly, rather than having to learn an entire library full of new features cold turkey. An update to Windows 8 is slated to hit next year — no word on when — with some minor touch-ups and add-ons.

Think of this as the Apple approach — Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion. If Microsoft implements more immediate changes, the company can constantly refine its Windows experience without spending years of development on one big thing. This, in turn, will always keep Microsoft suite of operating systems fresh and new, which is never a bad thing for the overall experience.

[via The Verge]