A report from ZDNet claims Microsoft is gearing up to unveil details about “Windows 10 Cloud,” a new edition of Windows 10 poised to take on Google’s Chrome OS.

Evidence of the software first appeared during testing of the Windows 10 Creators Update (available now), and is said to “be a simplified version of Windows 10 that will be able to run only Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps installed from the Windows Store,” ZDNet reports.

Cleverly, the software has been codenamed “Bespin” after the fictional Star Wars planet, which included a “Cloud City.” You might remember Cloud City as the place Han Solo was unexpectedly betrayed by Lando Calrissian.

ZDNet reports Windows 10 Cloud is similar to Windows RT, which was a mobile operating system that was unveiled in 2011. One of the devices that helped launch Windows RT was a Surface tablet that was released in 2012, and ZDNet claims we could see a new Surface-branded device unveiled at the Bespin event.

New Surface devices?

There have been rumors about a Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5, but it doesn’t sound like either will make an appearance at the May event. ZDNet claims something is on the way, but it’s unclear what. A previous report from DigiTimes claimed Microsoft was gearing up to unveil a clamshell laptop, which ZDNet says is unlikely.

Microsoft will reportedly send out invites to an event as early as this week, so expect more clues to drop soon.