Microsoft’s new “Spartan” browser for Windows 10 has been spotted again ahead of its official unveiling, this time with a brand new look. The latest screenshots reveal a more traditional browser design similar to that of Google Chrome’s, with a cleaner and flatter interface.

We had suspected that the previous Spartan leak wasn’t a genuine one; I noted how it looked “more like one of those pesky search bars you get when you download a nasty piece of malware from a website you shouldn’t have been looking at rather than a next-generation web browser.”

However, the previous image was said to be taken from a very early Spartan build, so it is possible that Microsoft has simply overhauled its design for more recent releases.

Whatever the case may be, the latest images, which were obtained by Neowin, seem much more believable. The image above is just a mockup, based on the alleged photos of Spartan below, but it suggests a browser design many Windows users will already be familiar with.


While it looks vastly different to Microsoft’s most recent Internet Explorer releases, it does bear a striking resemblance to Google Chrome — one of the biggest third-party browsers for Windows. It sports more traditional tab designs and buttons, and its cleaner look seems to be a better fit for Windows 10.

According to a recent report from The Verge, one of Spartan’s most significant features will be its Cortana integration, which will allow users to obtain all kinds of information — such as flight times, weather forecasts, sports scores, and more — using only their voice.

It’s also thought that users will be able to group multiple tabs together for a more organized browsing experience, sync their data and preferences across multiple Windows 10 devices, and easily annotate web pages with a stylus on tablets that support it.

We hope to hear more about Microsoft’s new browser on January 21, when the company will hold a press event to share more news about Windows 10.