Microsoft’s new browser is finally here. The company included “Project Spartan” in the latest test build of Windows 10, which rolled out to beta testers last night.

ZDNet reports that, while Spartan is still missing a few features, it works pretty much as well as it did during the first demo we saw back in January. That includes integration with Cortana, along with the option to write on any web page using the mouse or a stylus. There’s also Reading View, which cuts back on clutter when you need to focus, but we’re still waiting for the option to save a page for offline viewing. Beyond new features and differences in design, Spartan runs a new Edge rendering engine, while Internet Explorer still uses the old Trident engine.

Spartan is set to become the main Internet browser for most Windows 10 machines, and it will show up in the task bar automatically. Internet Explorer will be available as well, though you’ll have to find it and pin it for yourself. Microsoft is clearly pushing users to adopt the newer browser, except on some business-focused computers which will likely still rely on Internet Explorer.

We’re looking forward to spending some hands-on time with the company’s new browser, so stay tuned for more coverage.