Microsoft has promised that it will rollout two major Windows 10 updates this year, the first of which will be the Creators Update that is expected to land in April. The second, currently dubbed the “Second Update,” will land in late 2017 according to a slide from a recent Microsoft Ignite conference held in Australia.

The Creators Update is the one we’re most excited for right now, because we know what it will bring. Users can look forward to some neat design changes and the introduction of themes, plus a new Game Mode that helps tune PC resources to ensure users get the most out of their games. But Microsoft won’t stop there.

Another major Windows 10 update will arrive this year, and although Microsoft is yet to confirm a timeline for its release, an official slide reveals the “Second Update” is scheduled to go into pilot testing before the end of 2018 before entering production in the first half of next year. It should be noted, however, that this slide is aimed at enterprise customers.

“As the slide is aimed at enterprise customers, it’s likely that the 2018 timing is an estimation of when businesses will start rolling out the update, rather than a timeline for the actual release,” explains The Verge. As we know, businesses are always slower at updating to the latest Windows releases, so it’s likely the consumer upgrade will land much earlier.

As things stand, we know nothing about the “Second Update” and what it will bring. However, one of the things it could include is the new people bar, which Microsoft recently cut from the Creators Update. The update is also likely to pave the way for the “Project Neon” redesign that’s coming to Windows 10 later on.

Microsoft is expected to tell us more about both the Second Update and Project Neon during its Build 2017 developers conference in May.