Phil Spencer Xbox

Phil Spencer is now the Head of Xbox. That’s his job title. “Head of Xbox.” See, it’s right here in his byline on the official Xbox Wire.

Phil Spener Byline

What does “Head of Xbox” mean for his job? Here’s Spencer:

…I will now be leading the Xbox, Xbox Live, and creative teams including Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Microsoft Studios as we deliver the next generation of games and entertainment.

Spencer has taken over in the empty wake of Don Mattrick. Mattrick left his post with Microsoft last year in order to become the CEO of Zynga. We’ve heard little of him since.

Spencer, based on his reputation alone, seems much more in line with what gamers want from the Xbox brand than Mattrick was. That could very well mean big things for the Xbox brand in the future. That brand has been in recovery mode ever since the pre-E3 unveiling of the Xbox One last year.

While perhaps not as strong as they were during the height of the Xbox 360 era, the Xbox One has recovered quite a bit since its unveiling. Spencer titled his post on the Xbox Wire “A New Day at Xbox,” and he might be exactly what the division needs going forward.

Was Spencer a good choice for Head of Xbox?