Mobile scanning apps are a dime a dozen, but there’s always room for new entries, and this latest one from Microsoft could be the best one yet.

Dubbed Office Lens, the app makes it super easy to take pictures of receipts, menus, whiteboards, business cards and any other surface with text, and then convert them into digestible documents that you can save to OneNote or OneDrive. That means everything you scan will be readily accessible on all your devices.

The video above best demonstrates how and why you would use the app. These type of apps are actually pretty miraculous, magically cropping, enhancing, and presenting the item you took an image of as if you used an office scanner. I’ve been using Evernote’s Scannable app, and it essentially works in the same way; the results are surprising and impressive, and makes going paperless simple.

Some of Office Lens’ bigger features include the ability to identify printed text so you can search by key word later, converting paper and whiteboard notes into Word documents, and generating contacts from business cards.

The new app is yet another example of Microsoft’s growing presence in the app world. I’m already using Outlook and OneDrive for iOS, and I’m probably going to jump over to Office Lens pretty soon. Office Lens is available for iOS, and as a preview for Android.