Microsoft recently announced a brand new bundle that should attract consumers who use its products for both work and play. In other words, for folks who subscribe to its work-focused products, such as Office and Skype, and who also own an Xbox and pay for services such as Xbox Music and Xbox Live Gold. Combined, the bundle should save those consumers a nice chunk of money. We'll break it down in a second.

The Work and Play Bundle includes subscriptions to Xbox Music, Xbox Live Gold, Office 365 and Skype Unlimited World + Wi-Fi. It's available between now and January 4 for $199, or "while supplies last," though Microsoft didn't clarify how many bundles it plans to sell, and is only available for purchase in "select Microsoft full line retail stores in the United States." It's a pretty good deal, however, once you break down the cost of each subscription individually.

Microsoft Office 365 Home, for example, will set you back $99 per year. Xbox Music Pass is $9.99 per month, or $119.88 a year, Skype Unlimited World is $13.99 per month, or $167.88 per year, and Xbox Live Gold is $59.99 a year. All combined, those services would typically cost you $446.75 each year, which means the bundle actually saves you more than $247. Of course, it's really only a great deal if you pay for two or more of these services, depending on your existing subscriptions.

Hit the source to find out where you can grab the Work and Play bundle from participating Microsoft retail stores.