Microsoft Surface Pro Touch Cover Side

Along with a plethora of fancy—and bright!—new Surface accessories, Microsoft on Monday introduced a new Touch Cover, which now has backlighting in a package that's just 2.5mm thick.

Whereas last year's Touch Cover had 80 sensors, Microsoft has upped that to 1,092, meaning users won't miss keys; meanwhile, predictive typing will compliment the increased sensors, promising an experience with far less typos than before. The Touch Cover experience was neat, but it wasn't always the most accurate and reliable. Microsoft's new design aims to change that.

In addition to a more reliable typing experience, Microsoft is also putting the sensor to work by introducing productive gestures. As one of the company's more popular accessories, and something that best represents the impressive design coming out of Microsoft labs, the new Touch Cover should definitely be a huge hit; no word on pricing just yet, but they'll likely cost a pretty penny.