Microsoft’s latest ad promoting its line of Surface tablets is a break from tradition. Instead of choreographed dances or snarky attacks ads, the new commercial highlights features on the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 it thinks consumers will like the most. The result is a sleek minute-long video that shows the best of what Microsoft has to offer.

The main point of the new commercial is that the Surface Pro 2 and even the Surface 2 aren’t just Windows tablets, they’re practically laptops, and in some cases work even better than traditional notebook computers. The ad highlights the redesigned two-stage kickstand, Microsoft Office software, multi-windows viewing, and the stylus that comes with the Pro 2.

One small issue with the commercial, however, is how quickly it jumps between the two new devices, meaning some customers may end up buying the cheaper Surface 2 and expecting it to come with a stylus. Microsoft helped differentiate the two devices by giving the Surface 2 a magnesium-colored back panel, but from the front the two tablets look pretty similar. Still, it’s a welcome change, and definitely a step up from its recent ill-conceived attack ads again Apple’s new iPhones.