Cortana is heading to even more countries with Windows 10, Microsoft announced on Monday. The digital assistant will be available to Windows Insiders in Japan, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil and Mexico later this year.

The company notes that bringing Cortana to a new part of the world is a lot more complicated than simply running some translation software. Microsoft has to pick the right voice for each language and country. It also has to research local idioms and speech patterns so Cortana sounds natural.

Additionally, Cortana needs to be able to carry out region-specific tasks. In China that might mean tracking the local air pollution levels. In Italy, the app sings the national anthem when you ask to hear a song, while in France she even celebrates the Cannes Film Festival.

It could be a while before Cortana reaches all these new countries, but in the meantime the app will be included in Windows 10 for customers in the U.S., UK, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. We’re also still waiting for Microsoft’s digital assistant to officially hit Android, though a beta version of the new app is apparently only a few weeks away.