Microsoft showed off a handful of exciting new devices at its event earlier this week, but the coolest news of the day may have been the Display Dock. This small, port-covered rectangle allows your Lumia to offer a more traditional desktop experience using the new Continuum feature included in Windows 10, but it turns out the device won’t come cheap.

Speaking to ComputerWorld, Microsoft revealed that the Continuum dock will cost $99 plus tax. Add that to the extra cables, plus the display, keyboard and mouse you’ll need to use the new feature, and it starts to add up. And don’t forget the price of your new smartphone, which starts at $549 for the Lumia 950 and $649 for the Lumia 950 XL.

To be fair, Continuum is a pretty unique feature. It’s not something Google is offering with the latest version of Android and you definitely won’t find anything comparable in Apple’s new iPhone. $99 isn’t a ton of money to pay either, though it may not be worth it unless you really plan on using your new Windows 10 smartphone as your computer as well.

It’s also possible other companies could come out with their own versions of Microsoft’s Display Dock, offering the same capabilities at a lower price. But for now it looks like this is your only option.