Microsoft officially announced plans for its Beam acquisition today during their press event. The company scooped up Beam, a site that streams games sort of like Twitch, in August and then went quiet.

Now we know that Microsoft is set to launch Game Broadcasting for Windows 10 and Xbox One, and that feature will stream games to Beam natively on both platforms. It won't replace Twitch, but it will be a more seamless experience. At least, that's the intent.

Here's Microsoft in a statement to Mashable.

Beam will let you watch live gaming streams and give you the ability to interact with broadcasters in near real time. Plus, since Beam technology is built right into Windows 10 and Xbox One, anyone on Xbox Live can become a game broadcaster without needing to download additional software.

By building Beam technology right into Windows 10 and Xbox One, we're making it easier than ever for anyone to be a game broadcaster by creating a seamless experience where users can both view and broadcast game streams in near real-time. We continue to support our existing streaming partners like Twitch, but are excited to see the Xbox community take advantage of the new streaming and interactivity options offered with Beam. We want to give fans more choice in how and where they stream their games.

Microsoft politely going after Twitch

Twitch is the clear leader in game streaming. Instead of working with Twitch to stream natively on both platforms to the Amazon-owned current King, Microsoft went out and bought a competitor. Now, thanks to the native style of Beam, Twitch has direct competition.

Will it take off? That depends on real world stability, features and adoption. That's the thing Twitch has over any other would be competing services: The biggest names in the medium use it almost exclusively.

We'll have more on Beam as it comes.