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Like Sony's Remote Play or NVIDIA's GRID, Microsoft is reportedly working on a cloud gaming service that'll ping games and apps to an array of Windows devices, including phones, tablets and computers. Codenamed "Arcadia," the service will act as a bridge to entice users to stay confined inside the Windows ecosystem, even going so far as bestowing Windows users with the ability to stream certain Android apps.

Sources speaking with ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, a reliable Microsoft prophesier, say the cloud-focused service is being built on the Redmond company's Azure cloud platform. Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella has championed a cloud-first approach since stepping in for excitable Steve Ballmer, and it appears this will be one of Nadella's first big projects. You just wonder why devices like McLaren won't be available to take advantage of these new perks.

In addition to Foley's sources, a Microsoft job listing specifically mentions Arcadia—a Halo reference—by name, though details are light regarding the exact position. A separate job listing, meanwhile, highlights a possible game streaming service by mentioning Microsoft's Streaming team. Though, again, no real details are available.

What Arcadia will do, ideally, is act like Sony's Remote Play feature, which is capable of streaming games to the company's lineup of mobile devices. That would make a nice addition to Windows computers—like the Surface Pro 3, perhaps—giving users the ability to stream games like Sunset Overdrive to their Windows machine. Or, if you prefer, your Lumia. If Foley's sources are correct, Arcadia has the potential to help generate interest in Microsoft's otherwise flailing mobile platform. It would also make for a terrific headlining Windows 10 feature.

Earlier this year, a rumor claimed Microsoft was hard at work on a new project, dubbed DeLorean, that would bring Xbox games to the browser.

A source said the platform will hover around 60 fps, making for a really smooth experience; the Xbox 360 games will apparently "offer up the full experience, including the dashboard running in the browser," Neowin said.

According to Foley, DeLorean may have been folded into Arcadia to make for a super-streaming service that could possibly take advantage of Microsoft's so-called "breakthrough in cloud gaming."

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though Microsoft is prepared to talk about its mysterious project anytime soon, according to Foley. The company has a Windows 10 event scheduled for Jan. 21, but Arcadia is apparently too early in the development cycle to make any formal announcements.