When things show up in the mail here at the TechnoBuffalo offices, it’s a piece of tech or a game. But once in a while – not often, but once in a while – we get something different. The people over at Microsoft are working hard to promote each content update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds while they still have console exclusivity. One of the biggest updates to hit the game is the desert-themed Miramar map. Ahead of its planed May 24 release, Microsoft sent us a care package to dig into. I’d like to say it dropped in from the sky, but in truth the FedEx guy just plopped it outside the door with a loud thud.

We took it out into the back yard – here in Minnesota, that still means ice and snow – and dug in. Go through the whole gallery with me, and make sure to click right through to the end. I know it looks good down in the thumbnail there, but I promise it’s even better close up.

These promotional packs are always a mixed bag – literally and figuratively. Sometimes they’re full of absolutely useless stuff that vaguely relates to the theme of the game or movie. But that’s just the thing with PUBG – everything in the game is utilitarian. The last care package featured a frying pan and an Xbox controller.

This time, things start out with an assault-pack-style backpack with three pockets. The back pocket features a laptop sleeve, and the whole thing is covered in MOLLE attachment points and has enough compression straps and support clips to make it viable as a daily-use bag.

Inside the bag, Microsoft sent us a Buff-style neckwarmer, though it’s not branded with the Buff logo, so we’re guessing it’s not official (can you patent tubes of spandex?). that’s the green folded bandana-looking thing. There’s also a leather canteen, a code for the Xbox One edition of PUBG in the form of a license plate, and a map of the Miramar environment itself.

But, perhaps, most importantly, is the contents of that drawstring bag. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is – a ghillie suit. And yes, I put it on for you.

What are we supposed to do with a life-sized ghillie suit? Hey – I have my Halloween costume figured out for the forseeable future: way-too-extra video game man.

If you haven’t checked out PUBG on Xbox One yet, the Miramar map would prove a good time to do it. Microsoft and the PUBG team have been working hard to improve the stability and playability of what is technically an “Xbox Game Preview” title that still isn’t considered to be officially released despite it being available as a boxed game in stores.

That ghillie suit is as steamy as it looks, in case you were wondering. But at least now I have something in common with John Cena.