E3 2014 Xbox logo

The future of Microsoft's Xbox might lie in VR as the Redmond company looks to develop a "head-worn virtual gaming device" of its own. A DigiTimes report claims the team behind Microsoft's Surface is working on the new device for a possible E3 unveiling, which would give the company until June to work on a viable competitor to Sony's Project Morpheus.

You know what game would be perfect for Microsoft's alleged VR headset? Minecraft, especially after Mojang cancelled support for Oculus after the company was scooped up by Facebook. (That's just speculation on my part, but I imagine Microsoft will make it a point to make its new property a big part of the company's VR future.) The report from DigiTimes doesn't specifically say the VR headset will work exclusively with the Xbox One, so I wonder if PCs might be supported as well.

With projects like Oculus and Morpheus, we're on the cusp of a VR revolution. Neither product is actually available to consumers, but from what we've seen, the future of virtual reality is certainly bright. It's no wonder a giant like Microsoft would want to get involved. I can only imagine what a game like Sunset Overdrive would be like with virtual reality support.

E3 next June is a long ways away, and I'm sure we'll hear much more about Microsoft's mysterious project before then. For now, it sure seems like the Xbox might be seeing less Kinect and more head-worn VR.