After months of testing, Microsoft is finally bringing its clever Word Flow keyboard to iOS. The app includes a special one-handed mode, swipe controls and more.

Word Flow’s biggest perk is a one-handed “Arc” keyboard. It slides out from the bottom corner of the iPhone so that you can easily reach all of the keys with one thumb. That’s particularly useful if you’re using a bigger device like the iPhone 6s Plus, though the layout is actually optimized for each individual iPhone model.

There’s also a regular keyboard layout, which offers swipe controls and smart word predictions to speed up your typing. You can also customize the background with a personal photo and change the color scheme.

Word Flow is another product from the Microsoft Garage, where the company develops some of its more experimental apps and services. That’s also where the software giant developed its Hub keyboard, which launched on iOS earlier this month.

To check out Word Flow for iOS, just hit the source link below, though it’s limited to the U.S. for now.