It’s up in the air for who won E3 2017 given that there really wasn’t a single standout this year. Super Mario Odyssey can’t win the show on its own (although it’s arguable that Breath of the Wild did), and the game announcements we got from Microsoft and Sony were mostly indie games or stuff we saw last year.

However, if we are to gauge the victor based on social media relevancy, then Microsoft won this conference in a landslide. According to research firm Brandwatch, roughly 44 percent of all E3 2017 discussion was aimed at Microsoft’s conference.

In a sample size of 2.7 million English-language mentions, Nintendo came in second with 15 percent and Sony followed with just 11. Ubisoft, who I felt had the best show, tied for fourth with its rival EA at 10 percent.

There are several explanations for this. The largest is that Microsoft had the biggest announcement of the show with the Xbox One X. While all of the other companies were just showing off games, Microsoft was the only company that brought along a piece of hardware to reveal, helping it stand out.

Brandwatch doesn’t specifically say that the mentions of Microsoft are “good,” so it could account for lots of Sony fanboys lashing out and further console war debates with both sides not wanting to give any ground.

Microsoft also showed off the most games over the course of its press conference, meaning that it had 42 new games for everyone to talk about. That plus the ability to play original Xbox games through backwards compatibility also helped Microsoft have more to talk about.