Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is more powerful than ever, but Android and iOS still have the lion's share of the the mobile smartphone market. We know this year will be a proving ground for both Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10, as both try to fight for the third most popular operating system and attempt to increase market share. Microsoft's CFO Peter Klein recently commented on the landscape and said that Microsoft's going to be bullish with Windows Phone, especially as part of its long-term Windows plans, and that it doesn't really have a "plan B."

Speaking during a recent Goldman Sachs conference, Klein said that Microsoft is more focused on executing the firm's current Windows Phone plans instead of trying to find a "plan B," to tackle iOS and Android more aggressively. "We aim to evolve this generation of Windows to make sure we have the right set of experiences at the right price points for all customers," Klein said. "It's less a Plan B and more, how do you tweak your plan, how do you bring these things to market to make sure you have the right offerings at the right price points?" In other words, and not surprisingly, it sounds like Microsoft doesn't have a backup plan to use Android or another platform.

Klein stressed Microsoft's ability to support a growing ecosystem, and we hope that this means we'll see tighter integration between the firm's computing and mobile platforms. Office 365 and SkyDrive are a good start – you can access files and photos on any machine –  but we'd like to see some sort of NFC tie-in and an even more robust interaction between Windows 8 computers and Windows Phone 8 devices. We wonder what sort of moves the firm has in the future to ensure this is a possibility that can help it distinguish its platform even further.