Windows Phone 8 home screenThe still-young Lumia 900 — only just released back in April — is going to get a fresh new coat of paint in early 2013, according to Microsoft. The company finally announced on Wednesday that Windows Phone 7.8 will arrive to existing Windows Phone 7.5 owners in a matter of weeks, finally bringing features like resizable live tiles to older handsets. Other additional theme colors will be added, as will Exchange security enhancements, among other features.

There's been plenty of talk surrounding the launch of Windows Phone 7.8, so it's nice to see Microsoft finally come out and unveil full details. The company said it's working closely with hardware and carrier partners for testing and approval, which is always a grueling and finicky process. Here's hoping early 2013 means the first few weeks of January, and that the update doesn't get pushed back to sometime in the spring.

[via Microsoft]