Xbox One - 2013 - Live - Servers - 006

All multiplayer titles heading to Xbox One will have dedicated servers at their disposal thanks to Xbox Live Compute. This news comes from Microsoft's director of marketing Albert Penello.

In a thread on video game forum NeoGAF, Penello confirmed that all game developers will be able to take advantage of Xbox Live Compute, Microsoft's cloud service, for cloud processing, game saves, and dedicated servers for multiplayer. Polygon writes that the service will be free to all Xbox One developers.

Penello wrote that while these options will be available to everyone developing on the platform, everyone is free to use their own methods.

Free dedicated servers will certainly be attractive to smaller developers looking to put multiplayer games on Xbox One, and it should make it easier for those developers to maintain their games when they don't have to worry about maintaining the servers themselves. In addition to Microsoft's decision to allow every Xbox One to be a potential dev kit, this could make the platform even more appealing to independent developers.

I would imagine that Activision and EA will likely continue to use their own servers for games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, though, as both companies tend to like keeping their gamers as deep in their walled gardens as possible.