Microsoft finally replaced Internet Explorer with a new web browser called Edge in Windows 10, and it’s a major improvement, with a prettier design and exciting new features. It’s not perfect yet, but Microsoft is urging users to stick with it when they attempt to switch.

In its latest Windows 10 preview, which comes with build number 10568, Microsoft has introduced a new prompt that asks users to give Edge another shot when they attempt to choose a new default browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

“Give Microsoft Edge a shot,” the popup reads, before listing features that are available “in an app built just for Windows 10.” Those include the ability to write on webpages and share ideas, a distraction-free reading view, and built-in Cortana.

The popup then presents a big, bold button labeled “Don’t switch and try now,” which takes you into the Edge browser. Microsoft also presents similar popups when you attempt to switch default apps for photos and music, The Verge reports.

If you’re already dedicated to Chrome or Firefox, then this popup is unlikely to convince you that you should switch to Edge. It’s certainly a nice browser, but having used it a lot when Windows 10 made its debut, I’ve found it’s lacking a lot of features that rivals options deliver.

It’s important to note that these popups were found in a leaked Windows 10 preview, so Microsoft may decide to remove them before the update rolls out to the public in the coming weeks. We won’t be too surprised if they stick around, though.