Microsoft today unveiled the Surface Pro 6, the latest version of its hybrid laptop.

Most of the changes come under the hood, but the one cosmetic change Microsoft did add was a stunning matte black color option. Previously, the Surface Pro was just available in a boring silver color that most modern computers made of metal wear, but the new black option looks super sleek and stealthy. To go along with it, the Surface Pen will also be available in the same matte black color.

Inside, Microsoft added 8th generation Intel quad-core CPU and support for 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage. To include the extra power, Microsoft introduced a new optimized thermal system that handles the quad-core CPU. Microsoft says the Surface Pro 6 is a whopping 67-percent more powerful than the last generation.

The 12.3-inch display retains its 267 pixels per inch screen density with the highest contrast ratio. In case you’re worried about battery life with the powerful new internals and impressive screen, it has a 13.5-hour battery life.

One detail worth nothing is that the Surface Pro 6 is still not adopting USB-C even though that’s where the market is going. You’ll still be stuck charging it with Microsoft’s proprietary port.

The Surface Pro 6 will start off at $899 for the i5 model and go up from there. It’ll be available starting October 16.