With Microsoft's proposed new ad integration between the Xbox 360, Kinect and Windows Phone hardware, life could get a little more awesome and a little more scary. Consider you see a commercial for a chain restaurant and have a hankering for whatever goods their wheeling across the screen. You can actually speak to your Kinect and have it send directions to that franchise's location nearest you.

It's one more step on the path towards full technological integration, but it's one that actively works towards making advertising more accessible and more locally relevant. While the guy giving the presentation in the video above may not be delivering it in an ecstatic, mind blowing fashion, the tech and connection shown off are a little stunning. Any fan of gadgetry and geek was likely running the gamut of ideas through their heads while watching the clip.

Microsoft announced that it would be launching a TV service for the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE this fall during their E3 presentation earlier this month. There are currently no set launch plans for this new Kinect ad integration concept, but assume that it will come sometime after the television plan is launched and adopted by consumers.

I'm convinced that once that happens, Microsoft may be looking at a massive surge in ad revenue from companies and corporations. The notion that ads can actively work towards driving customers and clients to retail and service locations will more than likely be irresistible to fiscally focused execs. Who can blame them? Consider the fact that you may actually be slightly excited by the concept of talking to the next Toyota commercial you see: that's the scary part.

As Microsoft rolls out more demos and concepts for this potential model, we'll continue our coverage. Until then, what do you think of this method of advertising interaction? Useful idea or scary, money-gauging scheme?

[via Game Informer]