In $7.2 billion deal meant to bolster Microsoft's mobile platform, the company will take over Nokia's Devices and Services division and it turns out the purchase also comes with the Finnish company's headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Starting early next year, Microsoft will take over the building, though it will mostly be filled with ex-Nokia employees brought over as part of the deal.

In an official statement to TechCrunch, Nokia explained that most employees currently working at its Espoo headquarters are already part of its Devices and Services division. Roughly 32,000 Nokia employees will continue working in the same building, only on Microsoft's payroll, while a smaller number of Nokia staff who are staying with the Finnish company will relocate to a nearby building in Karaportti which is currently being renovated.

Nokia technically doesn't even own its headquarters, though. The company was forced to sell the building for $220 million earlier last year for a quick cash infusion, leasing back its own offices as a tenant. Presumably, Microsoft will take over this lease.