Windows Phone 8X

Microsoft is said to be preparing to merge its Windows Phone Store and Windows Store into a single app market according to a report from The Verge. The new store will allegedly launch alongside updated versions of the company’s Windows Phone and Windows desktop software, rumored for release in spring 2014. The news comes third-hand, from an anonymous source passing along notes taken at an internal meeting where Microsoft head of operating systems Terry Myerson confirmed the shift.

Microsoft currently offers three versions of its Windows software: Windows 8 for desktop computers and the Surface Pro series, Windows RT for less-powerful tablets, and Windows Phone 8. The revamped app store won’t mean the merger of these platforms, but it may mean more applications running on more devices than before.

If anything, the updated Windows Store could imitate Apple’s App Store, which features applications designed for both the iPad and the iPhone. While some apps intended specifically for tablets aren’t available on smaller smartphones, all iPhone apps work on the iPad by simply scaling up.