Microsoft Office is probably the most loved and most hated software suite on the market. Either way, it’s still the most widely used bundle of productivity applications, thanks to enterprise adoption. Even when it comes to the Mac OS, Office nabs 84 percent of its office productivity software sales. (iWork claims 16 percent.)

So it was a pretty big fail when some of the splashier features of Apple‘s epic new Mac OS release — like Auto Save, Versions and full-screen mode, among others — were busted in recent versions of Office, i.e. 2008 and 2011 editions. (Sorry, Office 2004 — Lion holds no love for your PowerPC/Rosetta ways.)

If you noticed the same issues and wondered if they were getting any attention, then you’ll be happy to know that Redmond is aware of the problems and has vowed to address them. What might make you less happy, however, is that it can’t promise when that will happen.

While a few of the fixes have already been pushed out, like for Communicator for Mac’s crashing glitches, others will take longer. Unfortunately, this won’t be a matter of days, but more like months, says the MS Office team, implying that patience will be key. As for Communicator for Mac, that update can be nabbed via Microsoft’s AutoUpdate or downloaded from MS’s Download Center.

To see the list of known issues with Office on Lion, check out Microsoft’s knowledge base article.

[via TUAW]