There’s nothing worse than when you pick up a new game, excited to check it out, only to find that it’s terrible. There’s literally nothing worse. I checked. We’re made a promise by the game’s publisher and developer, and when a game doesn’t work or isn’t what we were promised, it’s a frustrating experience. Being able to return a game we’re never going to play again eases the frustration. Steam took care of that back in 2015, and now Microsoft is starting to test doing the same for games bought through its digital storefront.

The feature is available only to members of the Xbox Insider program right now, but if Microsoft has success with it it could see wide release across Microsoft platforms.

The rules are pretty similar to those set forth by Valve for Steam. To return a game, your purchase has to be less than two weeks old and the game has to have less than two hours of play on it.

As to whether this feature will make it to the public, Microsoft said in a statement to press that it “has nothing further to share.”

This is great for gamers

We probably would’ve returned these games.

Like it or not, we live in an age of unfinished games that require internet connections. Games are often broken at launch or require access to a server overloaded by launch-day traffic. While patience is usually rewarded with the promised game, that can sometimes be a long process, as with the fixes and feature changes to games like No Man’s Sky. Waiting on a game that might never be what you were hoping for is a bit of a risk, and the option to return it is going to make for happier gamers.

While Sony doesn’t like to be seen as copying Microsoft, I hope this feature is successful enough that Sony takes notice.