Though Window 10 Mobile devices are long removed from their popular days, there’s still a contingency of people out there who stuck by the platform. But all good things must come to an end. Microsoft previously announced it would stop support for Windows 10 Mobile devices on December 10, 2019, and as the date nears, it is now suggesting users to switch over to its competitors.

In a new support document, Microsoft explains to Window 10 Mobile users that it will stop pushing out security updates and patches for the mobile software later this year while recommending a few options. It just so happens that those options are two of Windows 10 Mobile’s biggest competitors—iOS and Android.

Windows 10 Mobile had its run but now that’s coming to an end and Microsoft is recommending its users the best available options. This follows Microsoft’s move to end support for Windows Phone back in 2017. Now it is ready to kill off its mobile platform for good.

It’s worth noting that Windows 10 Mobile users can continue using their devices beyond the December 10 date, but there just won’t be anymore software updates coming.