Microsoft unveiled a new HDMI dongle earlier today, jumping into a market that’s already crowded with gadgets from Google, Roku and others. Unlike its competition, however, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter lets you stream the display from any Miracast-enabled device, which includes both Windows and Android products.

The design itself is pretty similar to Google’s Chromecast, with an HDMI connection on one end connected to a USB power connector by a short wire. Microsoft’s device looks a bit boxier, though that shouldn’t really be an issue since if it mostly stays hidden behind your TV. That short cord could be an issue though, possibly limiting where you can actually use Wireless Display Adapter.

In theory, the device should work on any HDTV, monitor or projector, wirelessly beaming whatever you’re looking at on your smartphone, tablet or laptop onto a bigger screen. That’s a step above the Chromecast, which only works with Google’s Chrome browser and certain supported apps. You’ll be paying a bit more in return; Microsoft’s dongle starting at $59.95.

You can pre-order the Wireless Display Adapter today, though there’s no word on when it will actually ship. Until then you can check out Microsoft’s first commercial for the device below.