Microsoft Surface RT Docked

If you live in the U.K. and want a Microsoft Surface RT, chances are you have only been able to purchase the device online. That's no longer the case, however, as the tablet is now popping up in retail stores. Slashgear recently noticed that local retailer John Lewis is now offering the device starting at  £479 (approx. $776 USD) for the 32GB option, with a black touch cover. The 64GB model will set you back £559 (approx. $905 USD). We don't yet know if John Lewis will sell the more powerful Surface Pro with Windows 8 Pro, although we expect that it will.

We highly advise that you pick up the black touch cover with any Surface purchase, at the very least, and recommend even spending a bit more for the Surface Type Cover, which offers a much more traditional typing experience. In any case, we're glad to see Microsoft is beginning to make its tablet more widely available.

Hopefully developers continue to pump out additional applications as more consumers pick it up, however, because the app store is still pretty bare.