When the Surface for Windows 8 Pro hits on Feb. 9, the available storage users will have access to might be well under what's expected. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the 64GB edition will have only 23GB of free storage from the get go; the rest is occupied by Windows 8, Office, a recovery partition, and what have you.

The 128GB model, on the other hand, will be pegged down to 83GB of free storage after all is said and done—a lot, sure, but hard drives have a way of filling up with documents, images, music and videos.

Microsoft told The Verge that users can free up space by "creating a backup bootable USB and deleting the recovery partition." With cloud storage so prevalent, and microSDXC support, the news isn't the biggest deal in the world. And, really, we shouldn't be surprised, especially given this exact same issue cropped up when the Surface for Windows RT was launched.